Order-Making Procedure

1. Browsing and Selecting Products

1.1 Browse our main product categories, click the category in the navigation section across the top of the page.

      Select a sub-category topic that represents your interests

1.2 On the product page, you can select length and quantity here. You also can change the quantity of product later during the checkout process.

1.3  Click the "  Add To Car" button to add the item(s) to your shopping cart

         Click “  Buy Now  ” button to go to the check out page.

          If you have a Paypal account, you can click the " Check out with PayPal " to check out immediately.

p.s. Shopping Cart Page

In the top right corner of our site, there is a shopping cart, like this , you can preview, update or delete items you added to the cart before.

Of course you can go on shopping or checkout by clicking the"  Go To Checkout  " or " Check out with PayPal "

2. Go To Checkout

 Shipping Address

Complete all required fields for your shipping address, including your email address which will be used to send order and shipment confirmation messages.

 Shipping Method

We usually ship out your package through DHL、FedEx、UPS、TNT 、USPS for free. You needn't to make any choice here.

If you are a wholesale customer in Aferica and have your own cargo, please contact us.


Please Pay with Paypal. We support PayPal Payment and PayPay Credit Payment.

 Order Review

You can review all the products you ordered, and its quantity, length and price.

Enter your coupon code at last and click the "  Apply  " button to make it work.

At last, click the "  PLACE ORDER NOW  " to go to finish your payment online.

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