How to Revive My Old Weave

Today we are going to talk about how to bring your human hair weave back to life again, I know many people talked this topic before. Maybe a year ago? This is a long time till now and the products have changed a lot. And this article is gonna be like the newest and improved way of how I do it.

Turn Your Weave Into Brand New Hair

I just wanna make a quick disclaimer first that it doesn’t matter whether you have really good quality hair or your hair still will become tangled and stiff or mess, these tips are helpful. If you have anything like me, you fall asleep with your hair or you haven’t washed it in a month, then this is the process that I like to share with you to revive our weaves.

Coconut Oil Conditioning

First thing, the air is so freaking dry recently, so I suggest you to do a coconut oil deep conditioning treatment, basically all I do is just take some coconut oil and run it through the hair. Then use a plastic shower cap on your head. You can sit there for something you want to, I kindly recommend 15 minutes, because it’s usually what they do for deep conditioning treatment. But I will leave the shower cap on for 10 minutes, cause I’m a little lazy and then you can see the hair is shining a lot more and flowing a lot better. Then use your wide comb to brush through your hair carefully.

Deep Cleaning

The next thing I’m going to do is to use the shampoo which contains amount oil, what I do is just wet my hair into the paddle brush and brush it through, please pay attention to that when you washing your hair, start from the top to down, don’t go in just start like wrapping up the extensions and making them tangle, I wash the hair in a downwards direction. And we have putted too much that oil on the hair, so you are gonna want to wash your hair two or three times because your hair is going to be like very oily and heavy and nasty if you don’t. Ok moving on, we are going to condition our human hair weave.

Deep Conditioning

So after that I just take the conditioning treatment. I’m putting the conditioner in my hair and you do not want to use a lot of this, cause if you put too much of this in your hair, you will make your hair sticky and since your hair is straight, it will be like really heave on the hair, but I like this stuff because it’s gonna make my hair super super silky straight when I go in to blow-dry it.

Blow Drying

Next thing that I’m just gonna blow dry the hair! Yeah this is probably the longest process out of the whole thing is just blow-drying the hair, but it’s definitely worth it, make sure it’s 100% dry before you start flat ironing it, cause we want the really sleek look and you can’t get that look if the hair isn’t completely dry.

A part that everyone loves-Flat ironing

Yeah, finally here. Flat ironing, enjoy it! You will love this process! Just flat iron the hair piece of piece.

Hairinbeauty Human Hair Retailer

After all these processes, you will find that your human hair weave has a natural luster and a natural shine again. It’s just so nice as the new one, you would never know that this hair may have been used one year. Amazing, right? Hope this newest and improved way can help you a lot.

And if you have any more questions for me, let me know, leave them in the comments down below and I’ll try to get to them. Hope this could be helpful.