Beautiful and lasted long hair is eternal chasing for many women. Because the beautiful, shiny and silky hair can make them look more pretty and gain their charms. What’s more, maintain different kinds of hair types, we need use different methods. Today, let us focus on the body hair wig.

1 choose the proper washing products

  The washing products are so important to our hair wig. Whenever you wash your hair, you must use the shampoo, conditioner or others to wash, so we should choose the right and proper products. So as to, we advise you to buy some products containing basic essential oil ingredient which can help you clean your hair wig totally, at the same time, cure your hair and head skin. And the deep conditioner and hair mask especially for the curly hair also be advised to use rather than the regular one. Moreover, after washing, please swear some essential oil on your hair that can keep bouncy and luster of your wig.

2 daily care

  After talking about the washing part, let us move to something on body wave wig we need pay attention to in daily life.

  Firstly, in the morning, when we wake up, our beautiful curly hair always be messy and tangled, at that time, please choose a wide tooth brush to brush your hair. If it is too tangled, smear some essential oil on your hair, than give a massage to your hair wig , that could make your body hair brush easily. Secondly, before sleep, please brush your wig gently until it smooth, then put it on your shoulder, not under your back. What’s more, if you want to keep the bouncy, you can weave a braid in the evening, than, in the morning, open it, your hair will be more curly. This is an easy way to maintain your body wig.

  Thirdly, in your daily life, if you think your hair wig become less curly, you can use the hair curler to deepen bouncy from parts to parts, then paint some elastic essence on your hair and grab it for several times. The method may cause some damages to your hair but it is more useful than weave braid.

  In conclusion, i hope these methods could help you to maintain your body wave wig. Actually, some ways are also useful to deep wave wig and kindly curly wig, so other friends who owns other curly hairstyle also can try these ways to maintain your hair.

  Any questions or advises, please leave some comments to us, we will try our best to answer you. Thank you for your reading.