1. Why Bleach Wig Knots

    If you buy a lace wig or a lace closure lace frontal  , you may see a black knot at the root of the wig. All hand-tied lace front wigs are made meticulously by tying individual strands of hair onto a lace mesh base creating a knot at the base. This technique is called ventilating. But when you wear it, it may not be like your own hair. Bleached knots and Unbleached knots can affect how natural your lace wig looks. 

    Why Bleach Knots

    Bleached knots help make the hair of wigs appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured. Bleaching or "lightening" the knots reduce the visibility of this knot. This type of process chemically alters the hair. It opens the cuticle and removes the color in an irreversible chemical re

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  2. Why Wig Expensive Than Hair Bundles

    When we buy wigs, people often have questions about why wigs are so expensive. Let's talk about them in several ways today.


    When we buy wigs, we often see 8a, 10a wigs in the store. The grade is only named by the wig store . The higher the grade, has the better the quality. Unprocessed virgin hair has the longest life and can last up to 2 years, but it is expensive .

    2.Lace cap

    When buying a lace wig, have you paid attention to the wig silk cap of the wig? The bud silk cap is the part closest to the head. It should look natural and soft and comfortable when worn. When we made the wig, we selected lace that performed well in all aspects of the market.

    3.make the human hair wigs

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  3. Hairinbeauty Two Year Anniversary---Big Sale

    Hello, everyone. Big News! Big News!

      Hairinbeauty Two Year Anniversary is around the corner. Running  from 1st to 23th Sep., the biggest sale of this year including all types of virgin hair, body, loose, curly, straight and yaki. During the anniversary, every customer can enjoy $10 unlimited coupon, in addition to this coupon, we also provide Big Discount and also Free Wigs Give Away

    Save $10 With Code:HBA10
    More Than $189 Free Finger Wig
    More Than $439 Free BOB Straight Wig 10 Inch

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  4. How To Make Your Wig Natural

    Many people wearing wigs for the first time worry that their wig will look unnatural and that others will know they are wearing a wig or It looks is not beautiful .we are need pay attention 4 point:

    1 Measure your head accurately to purchase the right wig size.


    First of all ,Measure the circumference of your head around your hairline, along your center part from your forehead to the nape of your neck, and across the top of your head between your ears. .you can according to measure result order hair .if your wig has some little big ,use it maybe uncomfortable .so ,please confirm your wig size suitable you .  


    2 what color do you want


     Have some people receive wigs ,they maybe  redye it or restyle it ,m

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  5. Why Wigs Are Better

    Would you like change hair style whenever,or in the busy morning ,you can put on your hair easy .

    1 wigs have more different style

    Wigs has more different styles , Can meet different fashion styles for women needs,no matter what color or style .just you want ,you can has different hair style everyday.

    2. Wigs let you change your style whenever you want

    If you has different style wigs ,So long as you want ,you can change your styl

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  6. Back To School Sale:Free Hair Giveaway

         Great news!!! Hairinbeauty back to school sale is coming! Free Hair Giveaway ,Do you ready choose one new style hair for your new scholl life?You have many choice such as bundles with closure, wigs , bundles with frontal and also frontal wigs in Hairinbeauty, let us check which hair is suit for you in Hairinbeauty.

    More Than $89 Code:Hairinbeauty5

    More Than $169 Free Finger Wig

    More Than $369 Free BOB Straight Wig 10 Inch

        The More You Buy You Will Got More Free

    Top Sale Straight Hair

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  7. The Trendy Fall Color Hair Weave- Ombre 1B/39J Color Hair Weave

    With the pass of the time , summer seems go over, we are walking into the fall season step by step. New season coming, Hairinbeauty friends, do you want to change a new hair color to make a more attractive image? If you beautiful girls want a new, active and lovely personal image, why not try our 1B/39 J color hair weave? Ok, next, i will introduce this product to you little by little. Hope it is useful for you, girls.

    Firstly, let us talk about the color. Maybe, most of you do not understand which color it is just according to the color number. In fact, this color kindly like the bright red, but this hair product are not all red. The front one quart

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  8. Top Sale-Mink Silky Straight Hair

    From the real shopping data of some shopping websites viewing, nowadays, the Brazilian virgin hair is undoubtedly most popular among the hair products consuming crowd. Many black women prefer the Brazilian hair weave due to their high quality and great texture. And to meet the market situation, we Hairinbeauty is devoted to provide the best Brazilian hair weave to our customer. We offer various Brazilian hair weave, such as, the silky straight hair weave, body weave, loose wave, curly wave, yaki straight hair weave, loose deep wave and some ombre color hair weave.


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  9. What is the Advantage of Using Hair Extension

    Hair extension includes hair weave, hair closure and hair wig. All of these hair products are so important and convenient to most black women. They can use these things to change their hairstyles, the length of their hair, so as to improve their confidence, personal image, which truly is a wonderful thing for them. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of different hair extensions.

      At the beginning, let us have a clear definition of hair weave, closure, wig. As the name suggests, hair weave is basic hair extension nowadays. It is made by human hair, than use machine to weave them together or people use their hands to weave little by little. It’s length mostly among 8 to 30 inch, some products have more longer inch. Most hair weaves package with round head or flat hea

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  10. How To Maintain Your Body Wave Hair

    Beautiful and lasted long hair weave or hair is eternal chasing for many women. Because the beautiful, shiny and silky hair weave or hair can make them look more pretty and gain their charms. What’s more, maintain different kinds of hair weave, we need use different methods. Today, let us focus on the body wave hair.

    1 choose the proper washing products

      The washing products are so important to our hair weave. Whenever you wash your hair weave, you must use the shampoo, conditioner or others to wash, so we should choose the right and proper products. So as to, we advice you to buy some products containing basic essential oil ingredient which can help you clean your hair weave totally, at the

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