1. The Best Matching--Hair Weaves With Closure

    Many black women who are familiar with hair extension would like to buy hair weave matching with hair closure during shopping online, because they know this matching is most suitable and economic to make a wig. And the most popular matching is 3 or 4 bundles matching with 1 closure, which is enough for a full head when they sew a appropriate and comfortable wig.

    Hair Closure Type

    Hairinbeauty provide you the high quality and different kinds of  hair closures, such as, 2*4 hair closure, 4*4 hair closure, 13*4 hair frontal and 360 hair closure. These different types closure can meet y

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  2. Deep Wave Hair | Meet Another Yourself

    You will find many girls wearing the deep wave hair when you are walking down the street. Deep wave hair style is so popular with African American girls. That's because this hairstyle is similar to African American hairstyle, it can blend very well with their own hair. With long deep wave hair, they look more beautiful and attractive. Indeed, I have to say deep wave hair is a glamorous and charming scenery on the street. You cannot help falling in love with it.


    Being an online human hair weave store, Hairinbeauty is concentrating on showing your different beauties, which provides a variety of best hair for you. Absolutely, you wi

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  4. How To Dyed Hair In Blonde

    For many women, hair color and style is so important. They prefer to change the color and style to show their different and endless charm. About changing hair color, one way is to buy some new bundles of virgin hair weave, the another is dyed their hair. The first way is more expensive than the second. So today we will focus on the cheaper way--dyeing. And I will show you how to dyed the hair in blonde color.

    At first, let me introduce some tools. We need prepare some basic dying tools, for example, pure light powder lightner nur, cream deverloper, hair liquid toner and  toning shampoo. At the same time, some subsidiary tools also need to be prepared,

    particular gloves, bowl, dye brush, tinfoil. While the most important material is you have your own hair in high

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  5. How To Stop Tangles In Your Hair?

           As we know the best way to ensure you don’t have to brush out your tangles is to stop them before they even start. We all can’t wake up everyday expecting to have great hair. Especialy many beautiful ladies have to fight with tangled hair every morning. But sometimes fighting tangles can be a serious business: brush them out while dry need to run the risk of creating more tangles; brush them out while wet possibly cause breakage. So learing how to deal with hair tangles in a right way is necesasary for each beautiful ladies.Trust me, after taking long hair for so many years, I have gone through all the painful feeling on detangling my hair and eventually find out how to fix it.

    Here are some tips on how you can do t

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  6. How To Dyed Hair Yourself

    For the coming summer more and more girls love light color hair which is shinning in the hot weather.While most girls not have much time to go to hair stylelist store so today we will show you how to dyed your hair in home.

    First we need prepared the color tools such as:hair dye,plastic gloves,a comb,a brush and glove,sometimes you can bought a dye kit ,most tools you need there will be include .And if you are the first time dyed the hair yourself ,it is better to test a little section of your hair first,You can cut a part of your hair bundles to do a test ensure which color you prefer.

    Mixed the hair dye materials according to the inst

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  7. How to : Revive Your Old Weave | Turn Your Weave Into Brand New Hair

    How to Revive My Old Weave

    Today we are going to talk about how to bring your human hair weave back to life again, I know many people talked this topic before. Maybe a year ago? This is a long time till now and the products have changed a lot. And t

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  8. How To Brush Your Hair Correctly

    Girls always confused about hair care problems,By knowing the right way to comb and care for your hair type, you can avoid many hair problems to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

    how to comb your hair in correct way

    How Do I Comb The Hair

    Combing or brushing our hair is such regular everyday task that we tend to take it for granted nor realizing that not brusing or combing your hair ,properly can cause so many hair problems like split ends hair breakage because er

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  9. How many bundles do I need to make a wig?

    how many bundles do I need to make a wig

    As a human hair supplier, one question has been asked all the time, multiple times every single day. "How many bundles do I need to make a wig?". It’s familiar,right? You must have asked before.

    So this is one of the reasons why I write down this article to eliminate your confusion, I will show you how many bundles you need depending on what style you’re doing with a closure or frontal, everything I’ll let you know,hope your g

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  10. What’s the differences between Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair?

    Most hair lovers are familiar with Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair. But do you know the exact differences between them? And it becomes more necessary to know the difference which will help you find the right hair as you need. I know you’re probably wondering which one is better but I think the question you should ask is which one is for your hair texture and desired look? So it’s important to understand the advantages that one hair type wields over the other.

    brazilian hair and peruvian hair

    And recently many our customers ask us which hair should they choose, so we decide

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