1. Top Sale-Mink Silky Straight Hair

    From the real shopping data of some shopping websites viewing, nowadays, the Brazilian virgin hair is undoubtedly most popular among the hair products consuming crowd. Many black women prefer the Brazilian hair weave due to their high quality and great texture. And to meet the market situation, we Hairinbeauty is devoted to provide the best Brazilian hair weave to our customer. We offer various Brazilian hair weave, such as, the silky straight hair weave, body weave, loose wave, curly wave, yaki straight hair weave, loose deep wave and some ombre color hair weave.

    Our Brazilian hair weave are made of remy high quality Brazilian human hair which features smoothl

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  2. What is the Advantage of Using Hair Extension

    Hair extension includes hair weave, hair closure and hair wig. All of these hair products are so important and convenient to most black women. They can use these things to change their hairstyles, the length of their hair, so as to improve their confidence, personal image, which truly is a wonderful thing for them. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of different hair extensions.

      At the beginning, let us have a clear definition of hair weave, closure, wig. As the name suggests, hair weave is basic hair extension nowadays. It is made by human hair, than use machine to weave them together or people use their hands to weave little by little. It’s length mostly among 8 to 30 inch, some products have more longer inch. Most hair weaves package with round head or flat head which can be thought as their typical characteristic.

      Next, it is the turn of hair closure. Actually, you can view hair closure as part of hair weave. It has l

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  3. How To Maintain Your Body Wave Hair

    Beautiful and lasted long hair weave or hair is eternal chasing for many women. Because the beautiful, shiny and silky hair weave or hair can make them look more pretty and gain their charms. What’s more, maintain different kinds of hair weave, we need use different methods. Today, let us focus on the body wave hair.

    1 choose the proper washing products

      The washing products are so important to our hair weave. Whenever you wash your hair weave, you must use the shampoo, conditioner or others to wash, so we should choose the right and proper products. So as to, we advice you to buy some products containing basic essential oil ingredient which can help you clean your hair weave totally, at the

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  4. How to Curl Your Hair Yourself

    Hello, every Hairinbeauty friend, last time, we introduced you how to straighten your hair, some friends show curiosity to the ways of curly hair, leave some questions about this, so today we talk about the methods of curl hair, if you have interest to curl your hair, just try to do it. I hope this blog is useful to you.

    How to maintain your curly hair

      Maybe, some friends now owe the curly hair, but with the time goes, the bouncy hair slowly become straight, no curly. So, let me firstly show you some methods to main your curly hair.

    The Natural way without damage

    1 You can braid your hair or hair weave into a complex plait tightly before you f

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  5. How to Restyle Your Short Bob Wig

    Short bob wig recently has become a fashion trend for many beautiful black women, not only because of its fashion look and various hair styles, but also the higher temperature day by day. So as to , the proper way to restyle and care your bob wig are getting more and more important. Today, follow us, to catch more information on bob wig styles and suitable care ways.

    BoB Wigs

    There are many different bob wigs, like the straight bob wig, curly bob wig and deep wave bob wig. These three kin

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  6. Some Back-To-School Hairstyles For You

    Time flies! New school year is around the corner. There must be a contradictory feeling in your heart. On one hand, you may be unhappy and distressed because you are going to say goodbye to the comfortable holiday; on the other hand, you are excited and full of expectation to get a new start. You may consider doing something to make yourself look different. An exquisite make-up, elegant clothes, and a new hairstyle. Here are some hairstyles in summer for your choice.

    Imagine a picture: Standing under the blue sky, a girl smiles gently, with her long straight hair flying in the wind. It's absolutely beautiful and charming. Long straight hair is loved by most girls, it is just like the waterfall, dropping from your head. While, short straight hair will make you more vivacious and cute. Hairinbeauty mink vi

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  7. How to straighten hair yourself with right way

    Women have special feeling on different hairstyles, they prefer to change their hairstyles after a certain period of time. About the reason, one, they feel bored with present style; another is that they would like to represent a new look and improve their moods. Straight, curly hairstyles are two basic kind of style, generally, women choose hairstyles from these. If you now own curly style and want to change it or have interest on straighten hair, so keep reading, let me show you how to straighten hair by yourself.

    Step one Prepare fundamental tools

       Actually, tools used to straighten hair commonly show up in many homes of numerous women. The most important one is flat iron. Certainly, you also need prepare hair dryer, wide tooth comb, shampoo, conditioner, repairing essential oil, straightening cream and some other things.

    Step two straighten ha

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  8. New Arrival Hair Closure-5*5 and 2*6 Hair Closure

    For many black women, the hair extension ,closure and frontal are very necessary in their daily life, they need use these hair products to make any new hair styles they prefer. Among these hair products, the closure play an important role in making hair unit. Most of you are familiar with the common one-4*4 closure or 13*4 frontal. With the change of various hair styles, many people want some new hair products. To meet different customers’ needs, Hairinbeauty officially present new hair closure-5*5 and 2*6 Hair Closure.

    5*5 lace closure

    The New 5*5 closure base on Swiss lace, same with 4*4 closure, you don’t need to spend much time on the

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  9. Hairinbeauty May Graduation Season Promotion

    As time goes to May, the Graduation Season has really coming. To express our congratulations to every customer, Hairinbeauty start the Graduation Season promotion in May, free give away promotion activity. Friends, join and enjoy!

    Activities in Graduation Season promotion

    Activity one: Unlimited Coupon! Everybody can enjoy 3 dollar discount with code HB3.

    Activity two: Top sale silky mink straight hair bundles three bundles on sale,only $36.68

    Hot sale Mongolian curly hair three bundles with closure matching


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  10. Professional Ways On Care Hair Wig

    With the popularity of human hair wig, many black women choose to buy the hair wig not the hair bundles when they want a new and fashion style, because hair wig is easy to style and wear. But many of you are the new one to use the hair wig, that will be problem for you on how to care wigs. Considering that, Hairinbeauty pose this blog, show you how to care hair wig professionally, please follow us.

    Washing Part

    Actually, about the washing, there is no huge difference on Hair wig and hair bundles. Normally, we advise the customer also wash the hair wig at least twice one week to keep the clean and silky. Let us move to choose the hair washing products. Nowadays, there are many hair washing products, like the shampoo and conditioner, especially for hair wig, we suggest your girls buy this kind of, which including more Nutritional oil, can take more protection to wig

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